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  • By: WebTV
    Date: 06/15/2015
    Views: 3
    Ring of Fire co-hosts Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss the recent revelations out of Germany, where we found out that pharmaceutical companies were using human beings as lab rats for dangerous drugs, often without their knowledge. Watch Ring of Fi...
  • By: WebTV
    Date: 05/28/2015
    Views: 1
    (May 4, 2010) Thomas Rando and Anne Brunet provide a general overview on the process and potential prevention of aging. The topics they cover vary from symptoms of aging to unusual characteristics that seem to prolong longevity. During the final quarte...
  • By: WebTV
    Date: 05/28/2015
    Views: 4 Telomerase, a specialized ribonucleprotein reverse transcriptase, is important for long-term eukaryotic cell proliferation and genomic stability, because it r...
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