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  • By: WebTV
    Date: 05/28/2015
    Views: 2 Dr. Ed Park says there are different ways to look at aging. He says there is a chance that in the near future we could look at life expectancy in the centuries instead of decades. Find out what role stem cells and telomeres p...
  • By: WebTV
    Date: 05/28/2015
    Views: 23
    A study investigating susceptibility to the common cold found people with shorter tips on their chromosomes - called telomeres - in white blood cells were more likely to develop symptoms. There is a revolutionary telomere product available now that is ...
  • By: WebTV
    Date: 11/30/1999
    Views: 4
    Gwen Olsen is a former pharmaceutical sales representative. She worked for a number of different companies in her career. In this video, she talks about those companies' strategies for selling and how they manipulate information that gets passed on to....
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