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Measure your Telomeres at home

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Telomere Testing For Everyone! The length of telomeres correlates strongly with: Overall longevity and health Cancer risk Positive and negative lifestyle choices Because telomeres (the protective caps for chromosomes) have been proven to be strongly correlated to measures of overall health, it is now possible to measure your health based on telomere length. We believe that anyone who wants should be able to access data concerning their telomere length. That is why we have developed the first telomere testing kit which will be saliva based, direct-to-consumer, quick, and affordable. While development of our method is complete, we need you to make our efforts worthwhile. Our team believes that Big Data in the area of telomere length will say a lot about the health of society, and even give insight as to what lifestyles are healthy on a cellular level and what aren't. For example, long telomere length is strongly correlated to a Mediterranean diet. But there is still a lot to learn, and researchers need you to help get there. Your donation matters Want an infographic like exogen. You give: A monetary donation A sample of your saliva A short survey You get: Access to cutting edge information regarding your telomere length Secure data regarding your telomere length and how lifestyle choices may be affecting it Knowledge is power: The information you need to make positive choices for your general wellbeing Data used to seek patterns concerning the length of telomeres with environmental factors The monetary support necessary to popularize our product and empower more people Everyone benefits: The (anonymous) data will be used by researchers to advance medical science and research the prevention of chronic conditions Geographical mapping may be useful in identifying regional toxins which are harming regional communities Help us promote healthy living!


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